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New federal law may prevent workplace injury in confined space

Constructions workers in Oklahoma face many dangerous conditions in the line of duty, one of which is working in confined spaces. There are currently no safety regulations to protect a construction worker against a workplace injury in a confined space. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently enacted a regulation that will give construction workers the same protection that is currently offered to workers in other industries and manufacturing. This new rule will go into operation in August.

Workplace accidents: Blatant disregard of rules leads to fatality

Employers in Oklahoma have to provide safe work environments for their employees at all times. Furthermore, all known hazards should be addressed, and with compliance to the safety regulations as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), devastating workplace accidents may be avoided. The actions of a business owner in another state were recently regarded as despicable by OSHA after an investigation into a workplace accident that led to the death of a worker.

Workplace accidents: Worker injured by falling drywall sheets

Oklahoma construction workers are likely reminded of the safety hazards they face whenever they learn about the death or serious injury of a worker on another construction site. Providing safe work environments and following prescribed safety regulations are the responsibilities of company owners. Unfortunately, many employers give preference to profits over the safety of their workers, and workers are sometimes unable to rely on their employers to protect them from workplace accidents.

Fatal workplace injury leads to death of bowling alley worker

Reports about fatal work accidents in industries known to be dangerous are not uncommon. However, fatal accidents in bowling alleys are not common at all. Even so, a recent incident is a reminder to Oklahoma residents that hazardous conditions that can result in a workplace injury can exist in almost all industries. 

Oklahoma man suffers fatal workplace injury while saving coworker

The media regularly reports on construction and industrial accidents. Oklahoma residents may recognize that equally dangerous conditions exist in other types of work, and a workplace injury is not uncommon. Employers of all workers, regardless of the field in which they operate, are responsible for providing safe working environments and proper safety training. In addition, workers should be provided with the necessary safety gear, and any mechanical equipment should be safe to operate.

Workplace injury leads to death of worker in botched demolition

The families of construction workers in Oklahoma are likely concerned about the welfare of their loved ones while they are involved in the demolition of a building. If the employers of the construction workers disregard safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA, the lives of their employees may be endangered. Only by taking steps to safeguard construction workers in all situations can a workplace injury be avoided.

Workplace injury after carbon monoxide exposure kills worker

Operators of heavy motorized equipment likely realize that their careers pose hazards of potentially severe injuries, and even death, on a daily basis. Workers in Oklahoma, especially those who operate forklifts, may want to learn about the circumstances of the death of a forklift operator in another state. The tragic workplace injury that lead to his death occurred in March at a carpet company.

Oklahoma worker suffers workplace injury because of tipped crane

Construction workers in Oklahoma are likely aware of the dangers associated with their profession. They are largely dependent on their employers’ compliance to the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA. When employers disregard any safety regulations, the work environment may become unsafe and could result in a workplace injury. In such cases, steep OSHA penalties may result.

Fatal workplace injury causes death of female refinery worker

For an Oklahoma family, having to say goodbye to a loved one as she leaves for work, only to never see her again, is likely to be an extremely traumatic experience. After a death that resulted from a workplace injury, the family may naturally be overwhelmed with grief, and in addition they will also have to face the high costs of a funeral and burial. Before long they will likely be facing financial difficulties due to the loss of income of the deceased family member. A tragedy like this happened to a family in another state some months ago.

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