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May 2016 Archives

Workplace injury: Plant manager fails to respond to ammonia leak

Oklahoma employees of companies with industrial refrigeration facilities may be exposed to the hazards of ammonia, a common industrial refrigerant. Exposure to ammonia can cause workplace injury in the form of extreme eye and skin irritations. At particularly high concentrations, it can cause fluid accumulation in the lungs and asphyxiation. Emergency systems must be in place to vent any ammonia leaks out of buildings, along with devices to monitor any leaks.

Contractor suffers fatal workplace injury at oil refinery

Oklahoma workers on oil refineries will know how dangerous their jobs are. An employee with 18 years of experience said workers are aware of the inherent risk of the job when they sign up for it. A worker recently died after suffering a fatal workplace injury at a refinery in another state, the same refinery at which two workers died and two were injured in a workplace accident in 2013.

Unsecured scaffold plank causes fatal workplace injury

There are many life-threatening hazards that construction workers in Oklahoma and other states encounter every day. Scaffold structures are some of the dangers that are often cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors as unsafe. In fact, it is not uncommon for OSHA inspectors to forbid workers' access to unsafe scaffolds by issuing stop work orders. This action is typically taken to prevent workplace injury.

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