Know Your Unemployment Law Rights

When you are terminated or laid off through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits through the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. These benefits can be crucial during a time when you are not working and seeking new employment.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission and/or your former employer are not always receptive to these unemployment claims. There are many times when the OESC will deny you outright, or your employer will contest the claim, leading to a denial of benefits.

Don't Wait To Explore Your Benefit Options

If you are denied unemployment benefits, you have strict time frames in which to file an appeal. You are guaranteed the right to a telephonic phone hearing on the merits of your claim, as long as your request for an appeal is filed on time.

You have every right to be represented by counsel on these unemployment phone hearings. The firm of Lowell & Lahann has done hundreds of these contested phone hearings in order to guarantee our clients their weekly unemployment wage.

Contact Us Immediately If You Are Denied Benefits

If you are denied unemployment benefits, we suggest you contact our law firm immediately. Having representation on these phone hearings will significantly increase your odds of being granted unemployment benefits. Instead of being at the mercy of the agency and your former employer, you have every right to be represented with the competent, skilled counsel of Lowell & Lahann.

We offer competitive pricing for this service, with a certain amount paid beforehand, and the remainder of the fee paid only if we win your hearing. If you are denied unemployment benefits, call 918-901-9567.

Your first consultation with our firm is always free.