Have You Suffered Multiple Injuries At Work?

Every time a worker succeeds with a workers' compensation claim, taxes are taken out of the award or settlement. Some of these taxes go into the Multiple Injury Trust Fund; a fund set aside for people who sustain multiple work-related injuries over their lifetime.

If you have suffered a career-ending injury and have had at least one other workers' compensation claim that was successful, you may be eligible for benefits out of the MITF. It is important to work with a Tulsa Multiple Injury Trust Fund attorney who understands the MITF and can guide you through the process in the correct order.

We Know How To Get You The Compensation You Need

At Lowell & Lahann, we have a strong record of success helping injured workers pursue benefits from the Multiple Injury Trust Fund.

One of our lawyers, Ray Lahann, previously worked for the state of Oklahoma defending the Multiple Injury Trust Fund. He is intimately familiar with the fund, the regulations that govern claims and the tactics used by its defense attorneys.

Often, we can file an MITF claim immediately after we conclude your final injury case. Our experience in workers' compensation enables us to address the complex issues that arise in cases of multiple injuries while maximizing your chances for success.

Contact Us To Learn More About The Multiple Injury Trust Fund

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