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Workplace Injuries Archives

New silica rule may reduce workplace injuries on the oil fields

In June 2018, the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration silica rules will become effective for pressure pumpers and exploration and production companies in the oil and gas industry. Until then, employees in the Oklahoma oil fields will remain exposed to respirable crystalline silica in dangerous levels that can cause severe workplace injuries to lungs and kidneys. From that date forward, the allowed exposure limit will be drastically reduced.

Workplace injuries: Hearing loss develops over time

Some industries are known for exposing workers to excessive noise levels. Hearing loss is similar to workplace injuries caused by repetitive stress in that it develops over time -- victims are often unaware of the problem until it gets severe. Oklahoma employers are responsible for protecting employees from harm by complying with the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and providing the appropriate protective equipment.

Tower climbers at risk of suffering fatal workplace injuries

Servicing broadcasting towers and working at heights of up to 1,500 feet have cost the lives of 34 tower climbers since 2013 -- according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Not only is this a highly specialized job, but it is also dangerous, and workplace injuries can easily be fatal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of people doing this job nationwide, including in Oklahoma, is 14,000.

Proper training of young workers can prevent workplace injuries

It can be exhilarating for teenagers to join the Oklahoma workforce -- either as permanent employees or temporary workers taking on summer jobs. At that age, many young workers think they are invincible, and it is up to their employers to teach them that they are as vulnerable as seasoned workers are. In fact, safety advisors say teens are twice as likely to suffer serious workplace injuries.

OSHA's guidelines for portable ladders

If your job requires that you use portable ladders in Oklahoma, you will want to ensure that you are familiar with the safety guidelines required for using these pieces of equipment on a worksite. It is also important that your employer properly educate you and your co-workers to help you all stay safe.

Workers' compensation death benefits

If you work in a dangerous field or industry in Oklahoma, you may well be particularly interested to understand what type of benefits your spouse or children might receive in the event that you die after an accident or an illness related to your job. The state workers' compensation program outlines the parameters for benefits to injured or ill workers based upon the nature of their conditions and also manages death benefits to surviving beneficiaries.

Changes in workers’ compensation laws affect employee benefits

The nation has kept an eye on the 2013 Oklahoma workers’ compensation reform law as it wound its way through the justice system. In September 2016 the Tulsa World notes that the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down parts of the law that allowed companies to provide benefit plans on their own while choosing to “opt out” of the typical workers’ compensation plans most other states have in place currently. While there are political implications, many workers’ day-to-day lives are potentially affected by these changes as well, and not everyone likes the changes.

What are permanent loss workers' compensation benefits?

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident on the job in Oklahoma, you will want to educate yourself about the types of benefits available to you via the state's workers' compensation program. You will also want to learn about the process for applying and receiving these benefits.

Oklahoma becomes battleground for workplace safety dispute

Oklahoma City has become the battleground for a new fight over workplace safety. The National Association of Home Builders, along with several other industry groups, has filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma against U.S. Department of Labor for a rule that they believe is unfair.

Do you have to pay taxes on workers' compensation?

If you're injured at work, you're usually eligible to receive workers' compensation for medical costs, rehabilitation and lost wages. It's a real blessing for men and women who've had the ability to make a living taken away from them. So it's natural to wonder whether Uncle Sam can get his hands on a piece of the workers' comp income you get.

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