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Workplace injury: Know the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning

Employers in Oklahoma must ensure the safety and health of employees. Compliance with safety regulations is necessary to avoid workplace injury. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health points out the dangers of carbon monoxide as an area of concern.

How should hazardous materials be labelled?

If you are one of the many Oklahoma residents who work in manufacturing or industrial positions in which you may come into contact with, use or simply be around hazardous materials, you should know about the chemicals in order to help yourself and others stay safe. One of the ways that you can do this is to understand the labels that should be on any and all packaging containing these hazardous items. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines exactly what every label should include.

Oklahoma one of the worst states for workers' compensation

A recent report released by the National Security Council on "The State of Safety" gave Oklahoma an F overall and for protecting residents in the workplace. The state was also ranked as one of the worst in the nation for worker's compensation. It was listed as "off track" along with 15 other states who the report did not find had adequate protection for workers.

Preventing heat-related work illness

As temperatures rise across Oklahoma, employees who work outside are more at risk of getting a heat-related illness while on the job. As Occupational Health & Safety reports, these illnesses can result in hospitalization or even death for those affected. In 2013 there were 16,320 cases of heat illness that kept employees from missing work, and 20 incidences of heat illness mandated federal citation between 2012 and 2013.

Man in critical condition after electrocution

People in Oklahoma who work in jobs and industries known to be highly dangerous should not expect to be injured in worksite accidents simply because of these risks. Instead, they should be able to feel confident that their employers and management teams properly adhere to all safety regulations, train all workers in the right procedures and enforce following those procedures.

Role of Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Injury Claims

Oklahoma state workers' compensation laws cover virtually all employees who get involved in workplace accidents. Exceptional parties include independent contractors, sole proprietors, partnership members, and a few others defined by OSHA. Most employers provide a workers compensation insurance cover to their employees. They can also meet this obligation by either joining a group self-insurance scheme or insuring themselves as own-risk employers. Whichever the plan your employer opts, he or she must provide full benefits as stipulated by the law.

Workers' compensation: to sue or not to sue

After an accident at work that leaves you injured, it's understandable to be upset, especially if it was caused by an unsafe working environment or the negligence of your employer. Your first gut reaction might be to sue for damages. However, generally speaking, workers' compensation is designed to protect employers fromlawsuits. It's a trade-off; the employer agrees to keep workers' compensation insurance to take care of any employee injuries, and the employees forego their right to sue. This is true regardless of whose fault it was.

Can I file a negligence claim if I got injured at work?

Everyday people leave their house to earn a livelihood. Going to work becomes part of our daily routine for most of us. You never think that one day you may go to work and not come back in the perfect health that you left. But accidents happen. The question is then, was the accident caused by the negligent behavior of your employers?

Workplace injury is common among Oklahoma trash collectors

A new law in Oklahoma for the protection of trash collectors takes effect November 1. Collection workers petitioned for this law soon after legislation passed banning texting and driving, and they hope the new provisions will prevent workplace injury. The workers felt they needed more protection than the yellow vests they wear on the job.

Workplace injury: Plant manager fails to respond to ammonia leak

Oklahoma employees of companies with industrial refrigeration facilities may be exposed to the hazards of ammonia, a common industrial refrigerant. Exposure to ammonia can cause workplace injury in the form of extreme eye and skin irritations. At particularly high concentrations, it can cause fluid accumulation in the lungs and asphyxiation. Emergency systems must be in place to vent any ammonia leaks out of buildings, along with devices to monitor any leaks.

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